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Bombz is a simple 2D puzzle game. It doesn't really have a plot. The object is to blow up all the bombs on each level then escape off the edge of the screen. To blow up a bomb, push it to where you want to cause an explosion, then collect a match (originally a detonator in the Archimedes version) and touch the bomb again and quickly get out of the way. A bomb destroys everything surrounding it except the metallic walls; if it blows up another bomb, that takes out everything around it too so you can set off chain reactions.

I originally wrote Bombz for the Acorn Archimedes over ten years ago and this is a complete rewrite with better graphics and sound etc. I chose to keep the original frame rate of 50fps in the rewrite because a more conventional 60fps feels a little too fast and 30fps feels too slow. Movement may appear slightly jerky unless your monitor runs at 100Hz.

This version is written in Python <> using the pygame library <> so it's ready to run on a wide range of platforms (except, ironically, RISC OS). Python and pygame usually come packaged for Linux distributions but you'll probably have to visit the above sites and download them for Windows and MacOS.

Android version

NEW! Bombz is now available for Android on Google Play and on Amazon's app store.

The Android version features updated graphics and the levels have been rearranged to improve the learning curve.

The source code for this version is hosted at github.

Screenshots (PC version)

The first level

A chain reaction of explosions

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Bombz is written in portable code so runs on at least Linux, Windows, MacOS and various other types of BSD and Unix.


Make sure you have python 2.4 or newer and pygame installed. Pygame in turn depends on SDL which should automatically get installed with pygame. If you have to install SDL manually make sure you include SDL_image and SDL_mixer.


Visit the Sourceforge project page to download Bombz. Unpack the archive with the appropriate (un)zip utility for your platform; it contains a single directory called Bombz. Read the readme.txt file inside it for further instructions.